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  • B - Delivery Settings - Choose which emails you want from the libraries you subscribe to. The Docket Report is a daily summary of litigation activity. New case alerts are sent throughout the day whenever a new case is reported.

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  • E - Add or Remove Libraries - Beginning in 2017, Docket Navigator will offer subscriptions to multiple libraries. While we develop and test these libraries, we will be offering a free preview to Docket Navigator subscribers. If any of our new libraries apply to your practice, you can add them here. Once activated, you will be able to toggle between libraries on the binder wall. Planned libraries include:

    • Trademark
    • Copyright
    • Antitrust


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Sometimes generating large reports will take a small amount of time for us to build them on our server. When you choose to download your results as an excel file, you can find that report here. We will also send you an email when the report is ready.

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