Manage Group*

Group admins have access to advanced management tools to help them make informed decisions about how to distribute their groups’ seats and act as hubs of information for their groups’ subscribers. Group admins are able to easily add and remove users from their group, view user statistics, reset passwords, resend the daily Docket Report, and more.

Add Users To & Remove Users From A Group*

Click Manage Group from the account admin panel or click Users from the navigation in window in the top right corner of the page. This will take you to a list of all the users in your group and show you the practice area libraries to which they have access.

image of admin account settings

To remove users from your group select the user. ➞ Click Remove Users button at the top of the list.

image of admin remove users

To add users to your group select the Add New User button on the right-hand side of the Manage Group page. Only one user can be added at a time and each field is required. From the new user window you can also choose which practice area libraries the user can access and send a generic welcome email which includes instructions for setting up passwords and a link to instructions for searching the database.

Add Users To & Remove Users From A Library*

To add or remove existing users from a library use the Libraries column – libraries selected in blue are ones that user can access. Simply click on the practice area you want the user to be subscribed to or unsubscribed from.

image of admin library change

Reset Password*

To reset a user’s password, click the key icon next to the user’s name on the Manage Groups page. ➞ Send a password reset email.

An automatic email with instructions will be sent to that user for them to reset their password.

image of password reset button

image of password reset request

Manage Delivery Settings*

Select the Delivery Settings icon. ➞ Choose which mailings each user receives. There are two types of delivery options for each practice area:

  • Daily Docket Report: this is the email summary of new activity in a practice area and is sent once a day, in the morning.

  • New Case Alerts: these are sent almost hourly and allow a user to be kept up to date on new cases filed throughout the day.


Usage Statistics*

Click Show Member Engagement button at the top of the user list will take you to a page with statistics on user searches, alerts, bookmarks, and search views.



Hover over the icons at the top of the columns to read what each icon represents.

Filter by Library*

To filter this list by practice area certain practice area, use the slider button on the libraries column and select which library you would like to view.



Click on a column header to sort by that column.

Download Usage Statistics*

There is an option on this page to export the information to an excel sheet, which will automatically download once the button is clicked. To export usage for one library, use the Libraries column settings to filter the user list for specific libraries.