Overview of Docket Navigator Compass v.1.0*

The Launch Page*

Welcome to Compass, Docket Navigator's new search engine! From the first page, you have easy access to all features.

A - The Search Window - Find the litigation data you need.

B - Recent Binders - Easily access recently opened binders. (Click header to go to binder wall.)

C - Available Downloads - You can download a binder into an excel sheet.

D - Shared With You - See what binders your colleagues have shared with you.

E - Curated Binders - Instantly view and visualize data curated by our attorney editors to answer frequently asked questions. Let us do the heavy lifting!

F - Available Libraries - Toggle between libraries if you are subscribed to more than one.

image of launch page

The Search Window*

The search window has three paths for you to choose from to begin your search.

A - Reports - Instantly view and visualize a collection of litigation data about a case, patent, firm, etc.

B - Search Targets - View litigation data as a table of search results.

C - Analytics - Visualize litigation data as a chart.

image of search window

The Binder Wall*

The binder wall is your personal home page in Docket Navigator. It shows all the binders you’ve created and binders that have been shared with you. On the binder wall you can:

A - Toggle between libraries if you are subscribed to more than one.

B - Filter and sort your binders to find past work.

C - Access Curated Binders.

D - Share, create and modify alerts, copy, and bookmark your binders.

E - Begin a new search. (This opens the search window.)

image of binder wall

The Binder Toolbar*

When you are inside a binder, the Binder Toolbar provides quick access to convenient binder features such as:

A - Top Bar - Edit the binder name (click to edit), share, alert, bookmark, download and copy the binder.

B - Summary Panel - Edit your binder name, add a client code and/or description and view status updates about the information in your binder.

C - Filters Panel - Add or edit the search filters for the active search tab.

D - Related Analytics Panel - View a list of analytics charts related to your current search and add them to your binder.

E - Copy Tab - Create a copy of current tab in current binder.

F - Binder Wall - Return to the Binder Wall.

G - Curated Binders - View a list of curated binders for the current library.

image of binder toolbar

Account Settings*

Edit account settings, view usage statistics and manage alerts from your account settings dashboard. You can also find an archive of previously generated reports or special reports in the Downloads section.

image of admin panel