Overview of Docket Navigator Compass v.1.0*

The Launch Page*

Welcome to Compass, Docket Navigator's new search engine! From the first page, you have easy access to all features.

A - Quick Profiles - Go directly to a profile binder on a specific case, patent, judge, etc.

B - Reports and Analytics - Hover over each to see a description. Reports: Go to a curated report on a specific patent or court. Analytics: Visualize litigation data as a chart. See success rates on motions before specific courts or judges, see cases by year for a certain judge, etc.

C - Sidebar - Easy access to recent binders, available downloads, binders shared with you, and curated binders.

D - Available Libraries - Toggle between libraries if you are subscribed to more than one.

E - Custom Search - Go deeper. Construct your own search using a variety of filters. If you’ll be creating your own searches often, you can set this dropdown to be open by default.

F - Hints - Hints will be on by default. You will see a grey circle near each element. Once clicked, they offer a summary of what each section has to offer. You can turn these on or off at your convenience. Once you’ve dismissed a hint (by clicking OK), it will no longer show up on your launch page.

image of launch page

The Binder Wall*

The binder wall is your personal home page in Docket Navigator. It shows all the binders you’ve created and binders that have been shared with you. On the binder wall you can:

A - Sort your binders by date created, name, number of alerts, etc. You can also search for a specific binder name.

B - The sidebar allows you to switch between binder walls for different libraries. You can also see and manage your alerts and downloads, check your account settings, and manage your user lists if you are a group admin. (These settings can also be reached through the menu in the top-right corner.)

C - Share, alert, copy, or bookmark a binder without opening it.

D - Begin a new search. (This takes you back to the launch page.)

image of binder wall

The Binder Toolbar*

When you are inside a binder, the Binder Toolbar provides quick access to convenient binder features such as:

A - File - Save, Revert to Last Save, Rename, Export to XLS, and Delete the binder.

B - Summary Panel - See Binder History, Add New Search Tabs and Folders, Share, Alert, or Bookmark the binder.

C - Filters Panel - Add or edit the search filters for the active search tab, add Quick Filters, change Display Settings, see Related Analytics Searches. (Close by clicking the gear next to the tab name: "Cases Search" in this example.)

D - Display Settings - Choose columns to display, save column settings as your default, restore original settings.

E - Related Analytics - View a list of analytics charts related to your current search and add them to your binder.

F - Copy/Delete Tab - Create a copy of current tab in current binder or delete current tab.

image of binder toolbar

Account Settings*

Edit account settings, view usage statistics and manage alerts from your account settings dashboard. You can also find an archive of previously generated reports or special reports in the Downloads section.

image of admin panel