Searching Docket Navigator*

Start a new search by selecting a type of search from the search window. In a binder, start a search by clicking Search when on the Binder Wall or select Search from the menu in the top right corner of the page.

image of search buttons image of search buttons

Add an additional search to a binder by clicking the plus sign in the tabs bar when inside the binder you want to add an additional results or analytics tab to.

image of search button

The Search Window*

The search window has four paths for you to choose how to begin your search. (A) To view a profile of a patent, case, judge, party or firm, use the Report Builder box. (B) For a table of results, choose a search target. (C) To visualize data with a chart, choose Search Analytics.

To view preconfigured binders that answer common questions, try Curated Binders on the sidebar.

image of search window

Search Targets*

Once you've chosen the type of search, choose a target.

A Target is what you are expecting your list of results to be. If you are expecting your results to be a list of patent cases, your target is Cases. If you are expecting your results to be a list of patent numbers, select Patents as your target. For a full list and descriptions of available filters click here.

Search Filters*

The first set of filters on the search page are the most commonly used filters for that particular target. For example, to find a list of cases, the initial search screen would look like this:

image of search button


To see a definition of a filter, click on the filter name in the search window.

Don’t see the filter you need? Not to worry! The Advanced Filters tab at the top of the page will likely have them. Read more about Advanced Filters below.

To read definitions of each type of filter click here.

How do filters relate to each other?

Filters in the same category can be separated by an OR by entering a second filter in the same box. Similarly, most can be separated by an AND by clicking the ([+] icon) when it appears. Filters in different categories are always separated by an AND. So if you enter a Court filter such as TXED, and a Case Status such as Terminated, your results will be all cases that were filed in TXED, AND were terminated.

Advanced Filters*

Each search target is preloaded with the most commonly used filters for that target. However, sometimes you need more specific information or to define the relationship between filters more precisely. For this, we have the advanced search filters.

To learn more about advanced search techniques click here.

image of advanced filters tab

image of advanced filters