The Binder Wall*

Every binder that you build within Docket Navigator can be found on the binder wall. Additionally the wall has binders that have been shared with you and profile binders that you follow.

Sort & Filter*

Sort (A) and filter (B) binders on the wall to find previous research. Your browser will remember the last used filter combination.

image of wall


Whenever you perform a search that you would like to come back to later, bookmark it to make it easier to find on the binder wall.

Manage Binders*

Share a binder, edit alert settings, or copy and bookmark binders from the binder wall.

image of wall

Change Libraries*

If you subscribe to more than one Docket Navigator library, toggle between libraries at the top of the binder wall page. Each library has it's own wall and list of curated binders.

image of wall

Curated Binders*

Curated binders are created by Docket Navigator’s team of attorney-editors. They typically provide a collection of data and research around a frequently asked questions.

View a list of curated binders by clicking the “Curated Binders” on the binder wall. To edit or customize a curated binder, click the “Copy this Binder” icon. You will be the owner of the new copy, which will appear in your binder wall and you’ll be able to edit, add new tabs, share and alert the new binder.

image of wall